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Portrait Backgrounds

I can add simple backgrounds to your portrait images, either using your own texture file, or you can purchase one of my background packs.

Photo Editing

Getting the best family photo, can be a tricky process, especially in large groups. People blink, look in different directions or move and get hidden. I can edit and clone parts of your own photos, to create the required family photo for your albumn. If needs be, I can also remove unwanted objects, fix peoples closed eyes, remove colour tint, or just edit your general photos to improve the image for you.

It doesn't just have to be a family portrait, but could be a lovely photo that you have taken, that is spoilt be a background object, or even something in front.

Below you can see some examples of where and when this might be useful.

Editing for Estate Agents

I am able to offer an editing service for Estate Agents. I can offer edits for things like, Sky replacements, Greener Grass, or Edits to show completion of an unfinished building. EG Rendering, Rubbish tidy up etc...

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Old Photo Restoration

Restore your Old Photos

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