Photo Restoration

Restoring old photographs and slides

Old photos are amazing memories. Most of us have an old box of photos that we occassionally get and out flick through. Sadly though over time these photos can fade, or have got damaged, either with a tear, scratch or worse.

The good news is, with computers, these days it doesn't have to be the case. I can scan your old photos and digitally restore them to their former glory. Although not all can be recovered, that vast majority can be and you can then enjoy these memories again, this time on your computer or other device.

Your photos are scanned to a high resolution and then digitally edited to restore the missing detail, or correct the faded colour, or even remove strains or replace missing parts.

Once your original photo is scanned, it isn't touched in anyway and you always have that as the original memory.

Each photo is unique with the work required, so a price can only be given on evaluation of the damage. But once the restoration is completed, you have that photo to enjoy forever more and easily create, print and share as many copies as you like.

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Marks & Fading Repair

Border Removed

Scratch & Mark Removal

Colour Correction

Tint Removal & Recoloring

Tint Removal

Photo with Subtle Colouring

Marks Removed

Fading Repaired

Scratch & Mark Removal

Tint Removal

Cropped & Corners Added

Scratches, Marks

& Creases Removed