Portrait Questions

We sometimes get asked questions about our portraits sessions. Below we listed some of the questions along with the answers to hopefully help answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions we haven't covered, please do ask.

General Questions

How long does a session last

You should allow up to 2 hours for your portrait session. The actually photo shoot will normally last between 60-90 minutes but the sessions are flexible and are not timed. If the session involves young children, this is normally their limit for being interested.

How much does the session cost

Please visit our prices and packages page for details on our prices.

What shouldn't I wear?

  • Large blocks of vivd shades of red or orange, unless this is specific for the type of session.
  • Clothing with logos and slogans, these are very distracting in a photo.
  • Thin stripes as this can sometimes look strange in the photos.
  • It is also best to avoid flesh tone clothes.

Kids & Newborn Portraits

How young should my baby be for newborn photos?

Newborn session are when the baby is up to 2 weeks old.

What if my baby/child or I am not feeling right on the day?

We realise that babies/children are often under the weather or may have had a bad night so if you need to cancel at the last minute we will arrange a new session date for you within the following 14 days.

Can I bring the babies brother or sister?

Yes! Newborn photos are also great to include any Brothers or Sisters in. We can include the siblings and mother in the baby portraits as well as just doing newborn photos.

Maternity - Bump Shoot

When should I book a bump shoot?

The best time to schedule your bump session is around the 8th month, when the tummy is nice and round. Every woman is different, so this is a guide, but the idea is to come when you are comfortable and have a nice round belly.

I have a child too, can I bring them along?

Yes! Maternity photos are also great to include any siblings in. We can include the siblings in some maternity shots as well as just doing just shots on your own photos.

My Partner would like to come along.

Please do, bring your partner or a friend if you like! Your partner doesn’t have to join in, but if he wants to be in some of the photos awell, then again this a great, as a pregnancy and baby is about both of you!

What should I wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in but it is also good to bring extra clothes to vary the shots. Some casual shots can be done with jeans and shirts, others with lacy tops. The idea is to show of your belly, so think about clothes that will do this.

We will only shoot to the level you are comfortable with. You can see in the galleries that varying levels of clothing. The idea is to get you a photo you will love.

Incase you decide to go done to underwear, it is worth making sure they match in colour and maybe bring a black & white set, as they give a different look in different styles of photos. Also, black will show up more through sheer wraps.

Many people opt for semi naked shots with either a crop top or hands used for discretion! But this is totally optionally.

Try to avoid pregnancy jeans with large bands at the top, as these are not the most attractive in a photo.

I am happy to discuss with you beforehand what you can wear.

Should I bring anything with me?

Apart from any snacks, or change of clothes, there are a couple of other things you might like to bring with you.

  • A scan photo if you want a shot with that included.
  • A gown to cover up and keep warm between the shots

Preparing for a Maternity Shoot

  • Remove any tight underwear a couple of hours before the session to avoid marks on close up photographs.
  • Hands can appear a lot in the photos, so make sure your nails are clean and are in good condition. Dont forget your toenails too!
  • Its a good idea to remove all jewellery and watches.
  • Most important, make sure you have had a snack before you arrive so that you do not feel faint during the shoot, although snacks & drinks can be provided it needed.