Stars, Planets & Nebula Photos

I'm quite new to Astrophotography, both with the DSLR camera and lens, or camera mounted on a telescope.

So this will be a range of different photos that I have taken using different methods and I will talk about my experiences on my blog.

My first attempts have been of the Lunar Eclipse in January 2019. A step quick learning curve as it happened only 4 weeks after getting the scope.

The Moon

Waxing Gibbous 77%
First Moon Photo

Full Moon 96%
First Evening Photo

Full Moon 97%
Before Eclipse

Partial Eclipse
During Total Lunar Eclipse
January 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon
January 2019

The Turquoise Effect
January 2019

The Eclipse
January 2019

Crescent Moons

Waxing Crescent 39%

Waxing Crescent 67%


NCG 1976
My Second Nebula Photo

NCG 1976
with Running Man & Nair al Saif