About LeoPhotography.com


LeoPhotography.com was originally created by in 2001 and has gone through a few versions to get to the design it is today.

The website consists of several main sections, with the page layout changing to fit in with the intended usage of the page.

The main sections are Image Galleries, Gift Section and the Blog

One thing that remains constant through the sections, is its navigation and responsive design.

The latest functionality added to the website in 2012 (which is still ongoing), was its ability to be easily navigated and viewed on mobile devices, with the use of touch image galleries and media query controlled page layouts.

Browser Compatability

Our website is designed to work in all modern browsers.

As browsers are made by different companies, you may see slight variations on how certain parts of the site look and work.

You should get all functionality if you are using the latest version of the browser you are running.

The new design of our galleries, uses some of the latest technologies in web coding. This is for compatibility with touch screen devices.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, you will find there are some differences when viewing the galleries. If you can, it is recommended to update to Internet Explorer 9 or above, or one of the other browsers listed below.

Internet Explorer is not the only browser, These are all free to install mainstrean browsers. The links go to the manufacturers own sites.


This site is built and tested in Firefox, Chrome, IE8/9, Safari mobile on the iPhone and iPad.